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The dream of Art 4 Animals (A4A) started with an aspiring artist who was working at a clinic as an RVT that specialized in dealing with low income families, animal shelters, and a range of other animal rescue organizations. Over the years, she pursued her work with disadvantaged people and animals. She has a great passion for Canadian artists and envisioned creating an organization that supported both groups.

A4A was created in July of 2016.

A4A works with all forms of art including, but not limited to:

  • Physical artists
  • Musicians
  • Writers, and performers
  • Crafters and handmade products

  • Artists may receive up to 60% of the proceeds from art that is sold and/or a negotiated percentage of ticket sales from performing at A4A events. This raises their visibility and popularity and helps tp supplement their income. The gift of this valuable platform allows their talent to be showcased and great work to garner respect from the public. The remainder of the sales are directed into programs within A4A.

    We also choose to further a portion of funding to like-minded charities and not-for-profits that share our vision and principals, including that of animal welfare.

    A4A has had success with a series of events and concerts. Some examples range from:

  • Art classes and shows
  • Participating in recognized animal events within the community
  • Yard sales
  • Combination of any or all the above

  • A4A is currently undertaking book launches, online auctions and planning community workshops, hosting local handmade vendors, planning music events and much more. We network and advocate, which cultivates positive connections and motivates people to take part.

    A4A recognizes that to be successful in our endeavours, we must move forward and grow alongside established charities and organizations. This opens the door to existing and expanding resources that our clients need. Working in tandem, we are able to assess the needs of our communities and respond accordingly. The combined efforts of all brings to light the growing plight of animals that suffer great distress and the need to support our Canadian artists.

    In Nov 2017 the At 4 Animals Adoption Centre opened in Oxbury Mall at Oxford and Highbury in London Ont. At our Centre we sell local art and crafts and have rescued street cats available for adoption. The Centre is open every Saturday 11-4. We also rent tables to local artist/Crafter/handmade vendors for $30. The full amount is a donation towards our life saving programs.

    A4A acknowledges it's dedicated administrators and volunteers ( many commit full time hours) who share a passion for focusing on our unique undertaking. Currently we are building our infrastructure and education programs to teach Canadians how they can be apart of the change that is needed. Various methods have been employed, such as:

  • Community outreach
  • Special events
  • Written literature
  • Videos
  • Public information sessions

  • Our goal is to have chapters of A4A replicated in many communities across the country. It is our solid belief that Canadians are a compassionate people who come forward to meet the needs of others. This is the foundation that A4A is built upon, allowing us to thrive and succeed in our goals for a better future.