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Spays Stop Strays SPAY AND NEUTER

🐾 Reduce spraying & marking
🐾 Reduce aggression and fighting
🐾 Lower risk of cancer and infections
🐾 Increase lifespan by 3-5 years
🐾 Decrease overpopulation & the billions of deaths
🐾 Reduce roaming, lost, attacked or hit-by-car pets

Under the umbrella of A4A, a multi-functional program called Spays Stop Strays (SSS) was created out of great necessity. The first part of the program allows families and individuals with low income or extreme hardship a way to spay or neuter their pets.

The second element of the program is Trap Neuter Release (TNR) to a caretaker/re-home in which volunteers live trap and then spay or neuter feral cats to release to a caretaker or to re-home. This reduces the overpopulation of feral cats and improves the health and wellbeing of animals that would otherwise suffer immeasurably.

A4A achieves this goal through the proceeds of its events, sales of art, and fundraisers. In addition, we are making strides to find veterinarians who would be willing to participate in donating spays or neuters. The program benefits from our sponsors and from direct monetary contribution.

Any person may apply to this program. We consider income (proof required), transportation availability, and vet costs. During the application process, a sliding scale is determined for pet owners who may be able to afford some donation which is put back into the program. The remainder of funds needed will be provided by us. We can also help with other barriers such as transportation and pet carriers.


A4A has also joined with No Empty bowls and other concerned groups to eliminate pet hunger. Drop off and pick up sites have been established at registered recognized charities, not-for-profits, and like-minded organizations to supply owners with food for their animals. Plans for the expansion of locations to serve this widespread need are in the works.

Please contact each food bank for their hours and details of how their program works. Current food bank locations are as follows:

🐾 St. Joe’s Hospitality Centre - 707 Dundas St - (519)432-0660

🐾 London Food Bank - 926 Leathorne St - (519)659-4045

🐾 A4A Adoption Centre** - Oxbury Mall 1299 Oxford St E - (519)868-3865

🐾 Crouch Neighbourhood Resource Centre - 550 Hamilton Rd - (519)642-7630

🐾 Family Centre Westminster** - 690 Osgoode Dr - (519)681-5307

🐾 South London Neighbourhood Resource Centre - 1119 Jalna Blvd - (519)686-8600

🐾 EVAH - London** - 1777 Dundas St E - (519)455-3824

🐾 EVAH - Kitchener - 1500 Weber St

**Will except pet food donations directly from public


A4A will rescue and help re-home cats in London and area if our resources allow us to do so. Foster homes are always needed to allow us to rescue more homeless cats. Fostering can be such a rewarding experience! If you are interested in viewing the cats we have available for adoption please visit our Facebook page dedicated to our adoptable cats. Click here.

Adoption and foster applications can be requested from


We are dedicated to educating and providing resources to anyone who asks. We can provide a Registered Vet Tech/Dog & Cat Trainer/Groomer with public speaking experience to speak on local resources, pet education, importance of Spay/Neuter and more. On the first Wednesday of each month we go out into our community to St. Joseph’s Hospitality Centre (12-1pm) and My Sisters' Place (1:30-2:30) to provide pet supplies, information, answer pet questions and resources. These organizations look forward our visits and the help we provide to our community.


We have two types of programs within A4A. The first is for artists who supply us with their work for sale and distribution. Up to 60% of the funds generated go to the artist directly and the remainder goes to A4A in support of animal programs. These artworks can be displayed online through social media, at events that support A4A, and in local businesses. Please note that space is extremely limited so this option is not always available. .

The second option is space rental in front of the A4A Adoption Centre. The current cost is a $30 donation that helps us help those in need. An 8-foot table is provided to the vendor (or equivalent space) on a Saturday of their choosing. A4A will help the business/artist to advertise their guest star appearance to increase traffic.

We have exciting plans to have our artists join in through the education part of our programs. With community outreach we will utilize school-age based community centres and activities. This will elevate artists and activities for our youth in positive ways. We believe the education of our young generation will be a key factor to changing how we perceive the value and beauty of all living creatures.

We will strive to have a hands-on approach that targets the education of our younger generation. A4A approved artists will work with children to promote interest and talent for art. This works by artists contributing to the community with their skills and talents. The possibilities are endless. People working and learning together for a common goal is what we are all about.